Summer nineteen-ninety eight, up for debate as one of the dopest ever
Shed a tear for how much I cranked it up and had many faces like Tracey Lee/
Emceeing is a breeze but I can speed read through a verse
Making it a gift and a curse, worst off is how I did this chick/
Speaking on topics know I never knock it when I was just ploting
Dropping options thinking how I can match wits with competition/
Spitting wisdom smoking that endo green bud out from the west coast
Packing a flow in the back of an Acura mastering latterials
when your just pastorials, doing spiritual tutorials, I will become immortal/
acrude disillusion defusion abusive bastard lessons I learned
never heard back from the cutie pie, I used pen-pal, via the email/
skip skill kill a scale fast paced wasted off the boons farm
diamond tipped pens reach through the palm
I am armed when she’s beautifully charming/
Battling on beats, mixing up with my fam
Hitting up them pool parties, fool hearty/
Made my bed, now you gots to lay in it
Speak ya mind, drive those nine-irons/
Rhyming too tight wired heights been speeches I been features now your just reaching through the windows at the drive thru at mickey d’s/
Stoned off the clones busted white wine dimed out spines
Get sprained ankles nigga ya no MJ taking that jumpshot
I pump plots options to rock sprockets when I lock it like a locket/
Figure more features than readers seen how I feed cha
Been drafting up scripts in rooms, I gets my groove on/
Move on dot org, plot on species’ like the borg
Clubbing on the dance floor, busting moves, watching whores
Touching grooves, holding girl’s waist while getting hammered and smashed/
Tits in my face, this ain’t the strip club, this just place to cop a feel
Spit and appeal weld the glow sticks tricked out flips and slap butts/
Cash out cha tap’s niggaz leaning some stay scheming
Dreaming of the hopes I am doper than rope chains you broke/

This is more than sixteen, this is the guillotine… (repeat 4x)