Check Two, are you trying to tell me my responses aren't the truth? You know what i said is the truth and that's the reality for most black men. Bill Cosby needs to go to the hood and talk to these ignorant black men about why they do the stupid stuff they do and he would understand why they do it. I don't believe that ignorant black men wanna sell drugs and rob and kill their own people. They do that because they can't get a job and that's because there aren't any good jobs in their neighborhoods. Ignorant black men do need to read books though because knowledge is the key to having a better life. There's some books at the library that may not be as boring as school and the books can help them to have a better life and get a good job. I don't like school but i do like to read books sometimes. Ignorant black men should read Bill's Come On People book and Why Are So Many Black Men In Prison book by Demico Boothe because those books are very good.