Trapped in the projects, rocket ship space out this atmosphere drop a beat
Pour out liquor for all my niggas not here/
trained in the arts my darts be sparks off the subway trains
My stains be dirt up notch on my belt, sword on my side/
Sweat out them welts hit up booths backed by roves
Whovian like them doctor who fans be/
Document mop it up clean on eisle three
Emcee out verses western eastern out/
Beast on minds drop bombs atomically
Rocking minds purge out the singularity
How I optionally mapping out galaxies in my orbit/
Throw out the first pitch that bitch be a homerun
Solidify iron side wise nose clone get shot/
Prop those docs on stages I wager my wages off the hilt like Skytel pagers
Blazed out aces be spades I never dance with the devil in the pale moonlight/
Righteous out cha tightest been a decade since sparked something
Always remained Techwon no matter if I rhyme by the name sheep lord/
Deep accordingly board cha ships
Cripple dips dominion of the prism inside/
How I have e知 skip through time prevent
Those willie lynchings for my peoples sake/
Drink from the lake, I hope dope made smoke
Talk chokes be how we rope in more faith
like anything that moves like a wrath/
based outta my prime archtype right now I知 the type pinned up in the dessert weaponry expert technically at the apex, ready to take the shot/
it痴 hop, skip and a jump from how we dump bodies
verses dusted for prints ink pen dead end now we just a closed case/
face wasted temptation been a premonition precognition is how recognized e知
off the tapes, I emcee greater than the language barrier at cha case/
replace the mind with computerize iodine rock slide with a hundred-sixty teraflops per-second my rhymes will defeat cha in less than eight-seconds/
beckon the text type up discipline preps my exercises be 60 bars flows
walk thru the shadows with a batarang at cha dome,
with deadshot with the chrome, telling stories about cha glory/

keep ya sword sharp, always keep your on you
keep ya mind sharp, always be ready
open ya eyes and keep ya sword sharp
always keep your mind open
because your eyes can be deceived
never believe everything they be selling
keep e知 sharp always keep ya sword sharp