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Thread: The Offical Graphic request thread

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    Yea, sure. I'll make a 60 x 60 for here and 100 x 100 for forums and 120 x 120 for watever.

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    Here's the avatars Supreme, I had forgoten to post them lol

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    Sure, I will. Do you want your name on it?

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    id like to request like a liquid swords kind
    id like for the shit to be wide and like the guy on the left to be on the very left and the guy on the right to be on the right and to cut out the middle parts but keep the genius/gza
    Poisonous paragraphs, smash ya phonograph
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    Default Hectis Signature Request

    Quote Originally Posted by hectis View Post
    can some one please make me a banner with this pic and the name hectis?

    Last edited by Storm; 01-26-2008 at 10:09 PM.

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    Default Palehorse Signature Request

    Quote Originally Posted by Palehorse View Post
    can someone make a sig ouut of this and put "behold" o n it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Storm View Post

    thanks but can u make it say hectis?

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    lmao, I just noticed I spelled it wrong. Yea, give me 5 min and I'll have it done right.

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    Default Hectis Signature Request

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    is my shit done lol?

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    I have the background done. I just wanted to take care of Hectis's request because his before yours. Palehorses was simple so I wanted to do that too. Give me til friday or tomorrow night to finish yours. You wanted four ppl on it (or four renders) and that makes it harder to design a good, effective signature with all subjects included.

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    Can i get a sicc sig with a old or new M.O.P. logo
    and saying "Madesicc Rebel"

    Go to sleep when your tired and wake up at the same time everyday until you'r legs are more flexible for an intense fight with your local mail carrier

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    Default Hollow Dartz Signature Request

    Quote Originally Posted by Hollow Dartz View Post
    is my shit done lol?

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