Geah LOL. I saw this album at recently. I didn't know he was still doing music. I think there's 6-7 songs on it. It comes out next Tuesday. I haven't listened to it and i don't think i will. I haven't liked a album from him in a long time. I think Music To Driveby is his last good album and that came out in 1992 LOL. Most of his fans think We Come Strapped is his best album but i disagree. Music to Driveby has a lot of good songs. We Come Strapped is good but not better than Music To Driveby. I was listening to We Come Strapped today and i like his diss song Def Wish III about DJ Quik. I like when he said you don't wanna see me, DJ Quik in a khaki bikini LOL. All For The Money song is classic and i like the video. I was watching the video yesterday. I also like his song Can I Still Kill It on We Come Strapped talking about fucking women. He did the first Can I Kill It on Straight Checkn Em album that i also like. I like the samples he used on Can I Kill It which was Teddy Pendergrass Love TKO, Shalamar's This Is For The Lover In You, Isley Brothers Footsteps In The Dark.