Been a ripper since the days of cipher duels Eifel towers leaving heads
Schooled well thinking they ink penning down
Rhymes as soon as I speak into the mic/
Strike lighting highlight penning winning is how I be rhyming
Iodine minds when nerve gas is how I pass gas oders/
What cha folder cruise controller knight rider
Unloaded told cha it was so, spit it slow now on the DL yo/
What cha think I thought they told cha it wasnít so
Had new song speak upon now they just lick upon/
Been a ripper seen it super x-ray vision wisdom cipher
Highlight cha michaels when you see the supernatural upon ya/
Sewn clothing now woven leather been ahead of the class
Gas those last, fast like weightloss hemmed minds across/
Frost bitten speak wisdom drunk in a prism
Budlight eye sight wired tight now I am the dark knight/
Super dome clarity calm Sheraton chop skin prop linen
Speak to women, driven pig skin wigs fin been into NASCAR
Past the bar now my exam check the TDK cassette tape/
Rebate iron rate faded Jake paid cakes Joe jacking rappers caption
Mastering action been rapping since the age I conjugate/

Tricking the skill, Spitting spills
Ripping thrillers, Feeling out mixtures
Spit out pictures, Trick the ear, just sit down relax and drink a beer

Itís jarring Iím hard tar skin bar bin
Marble larval armor all karma call/
Found brawls picture up drills in malls
Scrimmaging against how I am pillaging
Been a domination operating doctors on my patient/
What cha waiting on I got the skill
So my memory can recall like 28 Gigs of RAM/
Spit cha spam nigga youíre just a trash folder
My cast over be overly rolling out like a transformer
Spit Norman never just baited spade and nurtured/
Whatís your verbal my words hurt cha nervous system
As I speak on topics drop down your optics when I lock it/