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Thread: Armor of God: Holocaust and Pro The Leader

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    Quote Originally Posted by angry! View Post
    pro the leader is one of the saddest pieces of shit ive ever seen attempt to rap.... corn fed wigger trash!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wonder if hes still in fan boy mode around holoocaaww when robot tank empties his bowels into his walmart jeans!?!?!!?!?!?!?!

    the ONLY ppl that can watch and listen to this TRASH without cringing exist on this board...

    holocaww needs to be in assisted living with a beefed up nurse...

    pro the leader is gonna toss dirty drawers and wheel robot tank into the studio for another irrelevant youtube vid 13 ppl will watch 100 times in awe of the junkie retard....

    as long as pro the leader can afford beer and crack warcloud will continue amazing you nerds with crack speak...

    pro the leader should finance this guys lobotomy and put him out of his misery...

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    Quote Originally Posted by angry! View Post
    pro the leader is one of the saddest pieces of shit ive ever seen attempt to rap.... corn fed wigger trash!!!!!!!!!!!
    Says Bubba Sparxx's number 1 fan...

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    Quote Originally Posted by whers View Post
    so while I respect your praise for their beats
    The Instrumental Version is but a shadow of the original's sheer brilliance.

    Yes, the album is one of my all time favorites, as is Holocaust as an mc. I know the old one ain't coming back, so Imma take what he has to offer. I meant that, with beats from someone else, there wouldn't be that unique feeling. I don't know if it's controversial to say, but very few people could have managed to keep that album in shape, as we all must have read the old articles.

    IMO there's was couple of fiery verses from Holo in the Warghosts project, he's performance in this one is epic:


    All in all, the offbeat fuckery has to stop, cause he is the definition of originality, the world deserves to hear another round of silkworm verses.

    Or something dope! I have nothing personal against Pro, just can't listen to him.

    e. But in the new song Pro wasn't unlistenable, Holo was ok, guess i'm kinda waiting on this one

    e2. The main problem with holocaust is not the drugs. It's he's writing, he doesn't write on the beat. He pens the verses wherever, and then tries to fit them on,. He should take them beats before, cut words per line count, and regain the flow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gamefacekillah View Post
    12 reasons fukkin miders keynote soeaker
    Quote Originally Posted by Sosa View Post
    Rofl at cilva not being considered a killa bee.

    RZAs going to take away his wu badge and gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS View Post
    holocaust still got it dopeness all over recongize greatness and don't take it for granted and quit being fickle fans stans bong bong
    yo how much dust do you smoke man

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    Any word on the status of this project?

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    pro is keeping the tracks that were already recorded before holo got locked up in the stash instead of putting them out on separate (solo) projects

    the idea is to release the combined project when holo is released. I would guess some more songs would have to be recorded

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhettoGnom View Post

    title probably straight up stolen from vakill

    holocaust = worst rapper alive who still have fans.

    As soon as I see this thread I thought "they've jacked Vakill"

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    "Empties his bowels into his Walmart jeans" This is the funniest thing I have read on the internet in a long ass time.. I am dying laughing over here. Damn, I miss angry/reanimated

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