Quit speaking your leaking DNA any emcee can get coagulated
And clogged lungs under sun, under water youíre done/
Soul controller fold cha in origami and
Watch your chick put cha in a sandwich and eat cha like salami/
Whatís beef, nigga I just ate your mind like Galactus devours planets
Donít get alienated before you even begun to masturbate/
After fate get raided like roaches, encroach on my territory
Iíll tell you a horror story open jaws get roasted like pigs over a pit/
Spit cha best, open vest done get addressed
Detach your vertebrae like cruiser missiles/
My home turf is the earth, everywhere I roam is home
Get on the couch your sleeping in the sun, burn baby burn/
Get cha heart checked I think I just caused him a heart attack
Fart back react flame back now your just a retard speaking hard/
Retread cha tires, wired too tight think your bra size just shrunk
Get off the noggin, bend donít break open wakes closed caskets today/
I rip and I prey on you, get cha slaughter before you can even author
Think youíre the son to daughter thinking you can author fortune 500 flows/
Throw off boats, immigrate copulate introduce bad genes to your pool
Rules get engaged, enraged decide youíre going or coming/
Sucker punch eím like movies, there all school days
Never say names I can attest to this like the logo of N.W.A./
Itís always a game Iím playing chess you playing checkers
Get jumped you ainít king, your pawn on my front lawn/
Yawn, hard brawls get drafted like Chris Bosh, just a velociraptor with heat on
I can flame on like Johnny Storm, your just Luke Warm wit cha shinny suit on/
Bust out laughing nigga asking me
But ďwhy the diss Sheep Lord?Ē /

Itís deeper than the message boards,
Itís deeper than the ďLikesĒ and the ďTweetsĒ
Itís deeper than where fish meet
Itís deeper than the mind can reach
Itís deeper than a comment on a YouTube video
Itís deep than anything from Congress at all
Itís deeper than political parties
And fake memes that makes all laugh and dream