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Thread: Is Pluto just as powerful as the Sun ?

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    Default Is Pluto just as powerful as the Sun ?

    I don't have a whole "Lottah" knowledge on the planets and how they effect us here on our planet.

    my studies tell me that we are built just like the solar system is built with our brain being our Sun and the end of our sex organs being our Pluto -

    we only have 7 planets -

    Pluto is no longer considered a planet and the Sun never was one - the Suns influence is obvious - i'm seeing Pluto as being just as influential, but not as obvious -

    we are swimming through space with the Sun as our head, and Pluto our tail -

    __________________________________________________ _______

    Perhaps Neptune is the womb the other planets were born through

    Jupiter may be connected to the heart

    here is an idea of where i'm going with this

    i see this illustration as inaccurate even with my limited understanding of the connection between our Solar System and our bodies

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