Sharp fanged Bram Stoker Dracula Boxing After Dark
From Dusk Till Dawn vampire morphing into Spawn
Angel of Death, Grim Reaping adversariesí last breath
James Bond villain, Jaws steel-capped teeth Henchman
Threatening Terrosaur transforming into a God of War
Black sheep clothed but inwardly a ravenous carnivore
Medusa stone faced fiend with wretched monster aura
Frigid zone Calibos clone hailing from parts unknown
National Geographic reptile, saltwater crocodile hostile
Kodiak bear physique with iron-trap paws that ransack
Animalistic instincts, inborn impulses of extinct sphinx
Alpha male lion inclined to feast on 160 lb. wildebeests
Kazakhstani pitbull in beast-mode and eager to explode
Maligned blind fury combined with feral state of mind
Primeval Stone Age caveman primitive emotion of rage
Cannibalistic psychopath roaming in bloodbath paths
Iniquitous silhouette, Richard Ramirez stalker mindset
Kuklinski cold-hearted contracted serial slayer pugilist
Ice water in veins, fists colder than Artic tourists adrift
2004 Summer Olympics silverback in the mist medalist
Maximal combat specialist with intentions of criminals
Hills Have Eyes mongrel bred to brutalize fierce rivals
Kazakhstan Demolition Man with the enmity of Rodan
Transmetal enforcer, transporter of bricks and mortar
One-time street mugger turned Clubber Lang slugger
Cyborg assassin programmed to kill using upper limbs
Atomic structure of uranium gun-type fission bombs
Temper fueled by gellants and petroleum like napalm
Beetle horned thorax as hollow as hypodermic needles
Sub-zero heartless, callous from the abyss like Lochness
Detached destroyer, Mr. Freeze wintry weather titleholder
Disparaging sneers, Saddam Hussein merciless to peers
Austere bombardier machinery engineered to strike fear
Mad Max warfare warrior covered in another manís blood
Fistic scuds touch and bodily fluids flow like flash floods
Assault/battery after mugs get split like Moses did Red Sea
Loutish savagery, squared-circle slaughterhouse butchery
Gnaw ear carnage, like Tyson he makes his equals average
Elephant Man circus show freak with 88% knockout ratio
Ogre that has never touched the canvas as amateur or pro
Komodo wild dragon venom glands transmit paralytic polio
Venomous Spittor of poison dart frogs causes iris paralysis
West Nile virus Transquito lethal to gyrus frontalis medius
Blistering punches sear creating electricity in atmosphere
Blows like Backdraft flames burn foes like Koresh in Waco
Hand-wrapped knuckles as hazardous as toxic materials
Toxicity is dangerous like serving in Russian army in 1990
His nuclear reactor power surge caused Chernobyl disaster
Above clouds average savage force full-blown Aids ravage
Carl weathers Schwarzenneger but not this evil Predator
Bipolar hunter with artillery caliber cannon on shoulders
Paranormal plagued demon manufactures trophies of men
Daunting hybrid champion mastered self-control of Zen
Soviet amateur discipline with Mexican-style aggression
Soon as foes step on ringís apron itís DŪa de Los Muertos
Spiteful foreigner passed coronerís test with dying colors
Bodysnatcher of cadavers from undertakersí embalmers
Amassing bodies only to dissect like medical examiners
Indestructible armored force with Ted Bundyís remorse
Dog-fighter striker hitting anything like blind snipers
Catastrophic power in both hands being his equalizer
Ringside sportswriters marvel at clenched meatgrinders
Most feared doomsday middleweight in the world today
Stalking prey, turning plastered chins to Cassius Clay
Dominant and untested but only cause heís so avoided
Into the dragonís head is where boxers dread to tread
Pussies in sheer fear of getting near and pap smeared
They duck when the hooks and uppercuts run amok
Swarms of battering rams do not want to lock horns
Mythical gym battle tales of explosive flying shrapnel
Kazakh kayo criminal dismantles durable mandibles
Volatile Annihilator will thrash Canadian heavy metal
Standing toe-to-toe with this android vandal is suicidal
Odds are better in Russian Roulette with Dr. Kevorkian
Seth Mitchell can only dream of bringing this mayhem
Brutal massacre in ring ghastly like Fangoria pictorials
Torpedo boat blows spatter blood onto ropes and 1st row
Baboons and wolves during full moons are not immune
Monsoons of fireballs wouldnít cauterize deadly wounds
Stepping in the pocket with him is suicide by Golovkin
Detroit piston-like jabbing causes Russ Grimm redskin
Leaving stallions with gorges the size of Grand Canyon
While red liquid streams like Carrie blood shower scenes
Heíll grease the deceased then eat Malignaggiís side piece
On this night Mack brought knife to a Western gun fight
Crushing body shot wouldíve pulverized rhinoceros bone
Cujo rabid foam alone alters combat zones to tombstones
King Kong on his A game could not derail this hype train