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Thread: Do You Remember TheDSC.com

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    The good old DSC, I remember visiting that site daily. From 97-01 I think. It put me on a lot of Wu shit I've never heard before then.

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    I forgot I posted this thread... long story... had to take the site down... it's weird, and complicated, involving other people trying to suppress it but also, with the way search engines work these days, I accidentally forced the price of the domain up to like 10k, because the people who squatted the domain suddenly realised it was valuable... they kept trying to get me to buy it for less, but I'm not paying 6k for it. Anyway, I'm still on the case, had some success, refer to this thread for more info: http://www.wutang-corp.com/forum/sho...t=10265&page=8

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