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Marijuana is a drug. Alot of people ascribe to the idea that it is not a drug. 9% of people who smoke marijuana become addicted. In my experience, marijuana has had a negative effect on my life whether it be financially socially or mentally. It cost me too much money, involved me with shady characters, and gave me a general sense of paranoia and agression when i was under the influence.

People that use drugs are usually coping with some form of overwhelming stress, or compensating for character flaws. Marijuana users fall into both of these categories.
Don't try to put everyone that smokes in your bracket. I even used to smoke weed and it was negative sometimes because of what i was going through at the time. But with age comes experience, of course i know that i'd happily smoke weed all day every day, but theres other things i have to do that require lucidity. Of course its a drug but thats the difference, with weed you can make that decision to be lucid, unlike with heron or coke etc.