Ayyo, Dropping topics speak in optical binary
Leaving heads searching the internet for dibbs
Look it up on Urban Dictionary spit Pictionary making critical crucial conflicts/
Irony rips most sincerity to bits, switch blade grenade watch me cascade
A faster blade mascaraed shadowís stay paid watch how I get laid/
Faded by the head, dead up leaving chin up with dead lifts
Spit spiffs watch me rip and rift given the gift, shift gears down trodden
Speak in terminals making most looking mutual without the funds to transact/
Iíve been back to my hood from time to time
Dropping rhymes prime eyes never remain shut
Dusted blunts dipping thoughts in roadside split minds divide by time/

Blastaís dress code, it changes jerseys, tees and jeans or cargo shorts
Side swipe iron scoping bore bones rise of my clones
Get heated been potency rotisserie emcees in my chicken wire/
Been napoleon had to be a world apart, a man apart
Been the spark never headed from the dark
Had my dartís sharpen awake lake spin/
Wisdom kids get wigs uplifted
Given griffins when you wise up/
Reincarnation farcy mark Gís been in Bís
Seen through the imagination like John Lennon/

Blasta, itís the Blasta kid you know how I do it
Blasta, itís the Blasta Kid spitting out my wigÖ.
Itís the Blasta kid you know how I do itÖ

Blacken up mars whip through the solar system
Turn out revolutions at every end point
Set cha dates bond up been on dates planned in the planner/
Faded fates made lakes been in backs Shaq-Attack the rap scene
Backboards be just shattered glass all over the bassline/
Epically retro been hitting up hot topics dropping those plain white tees
Had up my skis been up to Belize, tripping in schemes see how my dreams
Are planned out each and every detail is just another part of my regime/