Alone in the dark, shine in the spark inferno flow
learn though never live comfortably though
Dead diver wise liar fire fight cha now you best flight or fight/
White knuckle bare knuckle box out cha friends
Get zone ended when Iím just wyvern to the ending
Learn cha space, shoot for the stars, and end up scars and burn marks
Outpaced like lames rhyming with mouthful of toothpaste/
Shadow shark spaded charts tainted infinity
Get you determined by your humanity
Underhandedly get rejected like unbeatable cancerous objects
Mob this I prop this up so you can see the scope of the situation/
Speak after causes and effects have been exurbanite
Now come off it Iíve been standing still like a tornado in Gainesville/
Emcees get tortured water boarded
Author accordingly now we just renegading/
Aim hatred out cha frame and get gamed
Doubt my heart, I got an ace up my sleeve/
Come bust a mind dusted lines get you ushered outta here
Without the voice youíd still disappear/
Soul exchanging disembark shaded sharks
Toned down your applications trying to mack
You ainít Bill Gates, you ainít monopolizing/
Iím talking targets pig pen parchments
Quit writing bills on toilet paper and get out the razor/
Ask yourself a question how you reaching
When you ainít even teaching nor are you leading/
Reading is fundamental speak out of megaphone
Write down your thoughts with a pencil
And watch the letters get smudged/
Dive outta meat market shave ice
Look like a dumb ass that cannot eat tofu
But cha can eat brown rice & fried eggs/
Hang from the camps frozen in my heated stance
Show you can revamp explain away the termination and the fade away/

Frame what cha think and think it out again
Come off the brink when you cannot even ink
Words I Never said had to lay it out all out there
Fuck a bear trap we gonna snare that
And make it so much a fiasco