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Thread: Saw Wu-Tang Clan live in concert, but no Inspectah Deck???

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    Default Saw Wu-Tang Clan live in concert, but no Inspectah Deck???

    Yo, Just saw Wu-Tang Clan live in concert on JUL 7, 2013, at Ottawa Bluesfest.

    Wu put on a fuckin sick show, I was even surprised they said Raekwon & Ghost were gonna be there, what with our bullshit border-patrol.

    Even Capadonna was there, everyone except........Inspect Deck.

    Any1 know why? Is he on tour as a solo artist? Couldnt get past the border? Issues with the clan?

    Where was Deck? I was hoping to see him, especially since they dropped, "CREAM, Triumph, and Da Mystery of Chessboxin' which are some of my fav Wu tracks he has a verse on....

    So yea, can any1 explain? Thanx

    PS Everlast was an opener for them, he was fucking ill too if you like his stuff.....def. 5/5 concert

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    Bigavac ‏@bigavac 10 Jul
    @INSpectahDECKWU just wondering, is there a reason you missed the Wu show in Ottawa on Sunday?
    10:43 AM - 10 Jul 13 Details

    Inspectah Deck
    @bigavac Still cant cross border fam... I was there 6 times in 2012.. they refuse to sell me work/temp resident visas now

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    damn... thats fucked up

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