Out the shadows attack like flame tiger wided eyes
Watch me megalo rhyme slow enough to evaporate
Minds document slime driven lines plotted through GPS tracking/
Splice though verses chopping axes master faxes/
Castor troy spit fire wired ploys gimme aims
Shaven lames drop, roll and throw ninja stars/
Banned blows shame shows lames know how I screw job mind mob
Most heads are so high they drink purp
So they can forget I rip heads and slice through there bars/
Charted mind martyr shaving alter spit assisted wisdom cipher
Iron out cha wrinkles in time, duck a dart I buck a shot/
Suckers fart I flame on like Johnny Storm and extinguish all your heat
Read me like playbook think your plays just got took/
Watch throw up a mother of Hail Mary
Scary ainít it, when you see how we run what cha ran
Get cha G-Robbed like G-rob wrecked a whole program and team/
Took your scheme, and watch cha dreams implode
Reload my flow, unload and watch how I explode on the field/
Hit cha with the E-P-S nigga this isnít another UPS delivery
Iím heavenly sent harmonize with spit I speak like another upload/
Run load underground over sound youíre just another download
Running how I stamping destruction, get cha destroyed and deployed/
Bust conduction, rebuff what cha stuck with, I bust mutts down to dust
Fucks what thinking youíre just ink pens I write with
So I rifle with more ammo than anything in your dealing with/
Itís a gift spit a spliff leave you ripped down to zippers
splice your mind like genetics and get cha traded like any NBA player
Your contract should be written on toilet paper/

Bite off what cha canít chew, and get eaten by a bigger beast
Where you from? Iím from where sun rises in the east
We spit flows, eat emcees and cipher some more
This is how we go in Ö. Rip and Raw hit eím hard