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Thread: Open Your Hand

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    Default Open Your Hand

    Open your hand
    Never been pound cake must make or break/
    Faded facts factual info you’re deaded by dusk before dawn
    Watch how I bond, and flaunt the flames I hold the torch/
    Scorch blaze any impachi mastering a style mostly wild vividly a spectacle
    Shame on a cat who tries to rip and get there nails chipped and clipped/
    Dip minus the iris I reset flows like ink in a pen that never dries
    Word to the wise rip me, and I slice through monitor
    And watch me fondle her, and you vomit from how much I bomb you atomically/
    Underground found rotunda’s minds determined estimated what’s a cipher
    Ever spaced out wonder size never matter darken see how your heart sparks/
    Speak to charts iodine rewind sidewinder recline detriment to demises
    Fleece through the beast, seen in the Middle East, now we feast/
    Unleash the beast unplug me from skynet diabetic iron sedatives
    Microcosms to any emcee try writing what I can just blog about
    Reroute all feeds to what cha think you need, and get deleted/

    Open your hand, come with the master plan
    Abide by what cha set out to do and open your hand
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