Underground dia-bound rebound bacardi lemon been drank
Get out the bottle the worms just twist, you kiss the death wishes/
Done the dishes destruction carding more twins than temples with an ink pen
Stoned up and down, get the crowd rowdy & ready trample your torso
My mind is on a mound ready to pitch heaters hereís your course load/
Defeat cha like a dragon slayer, you despicable me
Deadly options rocking how we horrifically shower blood all over the canvas/
Been abandoned what I incorporated indoctrinated
Rocking darth vader slime shade when the breaks hit you begin to shit cha pants/

Dramatize flows get mechanized, open up your box of friends
Thinking you come to the dart until they meet cha end
This is how we create chapters, like bad actors

End cha watch iron out cha wrinkle spit flames
Sprinkle down this thunder and rain, blow out cha lames/
Open lanes, throwing out cha cards on the ground
Get cha best hand, and draw bitch, watch me discard and pitch for another/
Son colder, elder older now you know how I rip it down to your spinal tap
Pursuit chaser waster laser beam blaster astral master faster
Overcast your way past cha prime, ring of your destruction/
Bust a beat out cha beamer, your benz couldnít handle this turn signal
Mecha Montego armed with more blocks than anything built with legos/
Get cha eggos, letís go bust a flow I donít even need a beat
Gimme a slot machine drop flows on minds like a regime/
Adapt cha power connected interject cha wreckers
Deck out sector mega upload watches me void cha like receipts
Trying redub your videos, your edits can even edit your darts with avid
My flows are vivid, my skills are like comic panels get all your letters penciled/
Splice down your nerves get severed
deaded by optics now you canít spot this/
Got golems on the stanch ruckus bust trucks duck dragons
Bag out slabs of stash leave you stupid freezer headers
Dumber than Barney Rubble on Jimmy Kimmel Live/
Drive off a cliff happy get cha stacks smashed out backs
Leave you disconnected like the internet before broadband/