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    went to a couple of strip joints in Canada (Calgary and Edmonton)
    Canadians have 1$ & 2$ coins (for those that dont know)
    so theres guys that throw coins at the chicks while they are pole dancing
    i remember one guy getting kicked out coz he heated up a 1$ coin and threw it mariano rivera style at the chick

    sometimes you see guys getting tossed out or slapped by the stripper for throwing quarters at them (mind u at this point ppl are trashed)
    the chicks go around to the guys (ones seated around the stage) and play a game
    like.... a coin toss...toss the 1$ or 2$ coin it on her body and if it stays on her
    you get a poster or a magnet with a model type quality pic of the stripper on it...i remember one guy mustve thrown like 20$ worth on her and the coins kept bouncing off her lol
    i remember after there would be guys asking strippers to autograph the poster or
    magnet...strippers turn into mlb players after their dance

    oh and the strippers have this giant magnet attached to a leash ...kinda looks like they have some sorta pet on stage, but its used to magnetically pick up the
    1$ and 2$ coins

    the strip club felt more like a bar than a mega strip club (this one had like 3-4 stages)
    went to watch the UFC and boxing ppv there, so only 1 stage was being used during intermissions ...lol

    however montreal canada has the best strip clubs
    there was literally a strip club on every corner downtown
    only thing different there is that you are forbidden to throw
    coins at the chicks...they take 5$ bills (lowest bill in cdn currency)
    the chicks are on point in montreal, they put on good shows
    and are very very veeery sexy

    ive heard that in northern canadian oil towns (Alberta and British Columbia)
    the strippers get extra freaky and you have a good chance to get lucky

    meh ....just go to hooters ...beer , food, ppv and half naked chicks
    you spend far less on them, enjoy the fights and more $$ for boooze !!

    Japan doesnt have any strip bars, they have hostess bars
    where the girl pours you drinks and pretends to like you/ care
    pretty much flirts with you and plays hard to get
    oh and you pay the drinks and theres an hourly fee or something
    alot of old japanese businessmen go there slurge and get hammered!!

    im still trying to find this place:
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