This album has a few good songs like Wet Em, Lil Killaz, If I Was White, Slippers Go, Pussyndaclick. He has guest appearances from Spice 1, Outlaws, Pimp C of UGK, Little Wayne(LOL), Scarface. He has a funny skit called Siccness that has 2 black guys talking about him while they're watching a Geto Boys video and one of them hates him. Here's what was said.

Gangsta put me down. Man you like that nigga there man?
Who? Willie D? Hell yeah. He one of the muthafucking realest nigga.
He ain't one of shit. Don't say no shit like that man. Fuck that nigga man LOL.
Why you hating nigga?
Fuck that nigga man and i ain't hating. Just fuck that nigga LOL. That nigga riding around town fucking all my bitches LOL. That nigga even fucked Renee man.
Renee man?
Yeah he fucked Renee my wife nigga LOL.
Naw man
They was in Vegas man at the fight.
He got some pussy from her? LOL
That ain't funny man. That nigga fucking all my broads. Pam, Lisa, Angie, everybody man hahahahahahahahahahaha. That baldhead, ghetto boy, rap a lot, recognize the real. Man fuck that nigga man. He ain't shit LOL. I can't stand that nigga. That nigga think he balling. When i see that nigga, i got something for that nigga man LOL.