Educate fire fate wired taste road killed mates
Timed out dates found fates from ceaser to czar/
Mind is on my mars like Dr. Manhattan
Rapidly kissing the pavement for being black/
Fuck paralells to profiling my rhymes are dialing it up to max
Check checks taken out decks with my skills chaulk it to Rocket Express/
Demigod rhythems hearts pursuit chasing chair banging
Slam damaging higher ups diamond in the rough/
Sucker punch, volcanic queen dream meme in lines in dean
Dream scheme, Onondaga county ripper slice up bars
Lies, liars get drought bats in the belfry mind in melting pots/
Rock, sock em robotic time taken broke bacon over maco reminents
Wax poetic, iron medic timed out tempers been arguments until December/
Remember ender mental case been face flat on the ground
Traffic stopping me for nothing by a baggy how you suspecting/
When Im under estimating never trusting just dusted by musket
Put forth worlds like Jack Kirby, my verbs be knawlly/
Hit cha with the beat sort of like Marley Marl
Hit cha over the head with steel chair like pro wrestling/
Who knows knows showcase floor faced wasted based off captions
Mastering styles in fragments, now you see how I renolyds wrap it/
Cap on the OJ before the double murders nah mean
We see machines with more grinds than grinders/
Alliance armed reliance my definance by how I decided
Shine orbit mind like Norman in norbit is how remain in orbit around the sun/

Dental fragments, had peep thoughts and jot down notes
As correct the notation, remember . Its Bones