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Thread: CFCF - Outside

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    This album leaked. It's good if you like this sort of stuff:

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    Can you post it in vat section if you have it?

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    thanks for the heads up

    Quote Originally Posted by EAGLE EYE View Post
    Can you post it in vat section if you have it?
    and this

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    Ah sorry, would have posted it. Liking this a lot right now.

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    yeah, i'm digging the fuck out of this album...i can't pick a favorite track, the whole thing hangs together so well as a cohesive work

    edit: actually, "the crossing" might be my favorite...super smooth
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    Yeah, it's all super smooth. Quite a bit different to his last few projects but it's a great album.

    It's pretty much a synth pop album i guess - there's a peter gabriel track that sounds a lot like "Jump Out Of The Train" but i can't find it on youtube anymore.
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