Been through the beats, couldn’t pick my producers pre-mixed shit
Had to spit it acapella, then he told me I’ll mix it when you’re done/
Flipping through books reading like philosopher
From Greek metaphors to civil war treasure troves
Making my mind go thru the barrel rolls like we’re in a Tail’s spin/
Knowledge behaves the way you take it and spray
Had to kick rocks, and hit the strip to get with my crew
And score some chicks but bricks is what my click had in mind/
Speak to cats on the block, had to catch my second wind
Now they asking me to sin, sell something that’s supposed to help me win
Didn’t want to get caught them with bags on me and up the river sticks
Just for trying to make a few bucks, some cheddar and chips
Just to get a decent single just to be mixed not including a whip for the trip/
Peep months later debating bars speaking on topics alone in ciphers
Had me super hyper, single bout to drop then producer lost the mix
Kicking and screaming I’m pissed about to HULK SMASH!!! In this bitch/
Flip the lid the demo, got stuck on a bad hard drive
Luckly I had the emailed copy, smart cookie wasn’t born no emcee rookie/
Gets a call from my homie up the block asking if I still carrying that sword
I come out the box, and lock horns with sons trying to game my homes jawn/
Get off the bench minds are minced meat, these cats ask what’s your problem
I said get the fuck back, sword slash guns clash move fast
This ain’t no western, someone’s dying tonight…ARGHHHH!!!!/
Cut to black, walk off the set, role the credits
Watch out, see what comes next is the director’s cut … coming soon/

The sequels leave it those that want to end beautiful
This ain’t no flick for your wifey this is blood bath
End it like grapes of wrath; end it like blood on the dance floor
End like Frankenstein hype off of rhymes,
End it like Einstein drunk fucking sixteen bitches
Making sure there triplet pairs of dimes
Think he’s going to solve his equation by eating her equator out