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Thread: Supreme - "THE GAME" (Rare 1995)

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    Default Supreme - "THE GAME" (Rare 1995)

    Quote Originally Posted by Su-Preme
    The game is the 8th track off the justice for all compilation album vol.1 Release back in 1995 . Most didn't know that supreme did lay down some lyrics From time to time . The game is a solo song by supreme and produced by supreme For the supreme kourt label originally released on mp3.com Im known for kicking crazy raps on my YouTube videos But back then it was serious biz . When I listen to my solo songs now I realize why people told me to stick to beat making Why? Cuz I was really good at it and if I would have stuck with it I would not need them . Wow ! You live and learn . Check it out I hope you guys like it. Peace!

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