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Thread: J Dilla - Welcome 2 Detroit

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    Default J Dilla - Welcome 2 Detroit

    My first review.

    1. Welcome 2 Detroit Dilla is always sharp with the intro's. 5/5

    2. Y'all Ain't Ready The problem I have with this track is the rap on it, it's average at best. The beat is amazing. 4/5.

    3. Think Twice (Feat. Dwele) I see a lot of people are confused about this track. Since it says featured by Dwele they think he's the one singing. Dilla is the one singing and Dwele is playing the keys and the trumpet. Dwele's little brother Antwan is playing the trombone. Notice the sounds going from left to right and the background sounds. Brilliant piece of music. 5/5

    4. The Clapper This is the only track which Dilla did not produce. Karriem Riggins is responsible for the beat. The beat showcases excellent claps. I think he should have kept this as an instrumental, imo that would have been far better. The rap just doesn't add anything, in fact it makes things worse. Blu (not the Blu from Exile) is also featured on this track and I find his verse mediocre. 3.5/5

    5. Come Get It (Feat. Elzhi) This beat gets killed by Elzhi. I can't really add more to it. One of the best verses on this album. Again notice the background sounds. 5/5

    6. Pause (Feat. Frank-N-Dank) This beat once was my all time favorite. I have to say this: Frank-N-Dank are some of the wackest rappers I ever heard. The only reason they gained a little fame is cause they're Dilla's friends. Now I also have to say that this is probably Frank's best performance. He's starting every line with the letters Frank-N-Dank. Dank is wack on this. This dude has problems staying on the beat. It's funny, but no matter how glad I would have been if this was instrumental the track still sounds great. 4/5

    7. B.B.E. (Big Booty Express) The beat is innovating and refreshing. The beat keeps changing and the effects are outstanding. Dilla doing a Giorgio Moroder on this one. 5/5

    8. Beej-N-Dem Pt. 2 (Feat. Beej) I hate this track. The drums stand out, but Beej is another garbage rapper. He actually had some shit to say, but again another rapper who can't stay on beat. Dilla's singing in the hook is awful. I would give the instrumental a perfect score. With this sucka mc on it I'll have to give a. 2/5

    9. Brazilian Groove (EWF) I think this coud have been the perfect introduction to Common's Electric Circus. I see a lot of similarities. Check out the guitar and the layered snaps/claps. 4.5/5

    10. It's Like That (Feat. Hodge Podge (Big Tone) and Lacks (Ta'Raach) ) This beat is mindblowing. The swing in the drums, still can't believe he got that sound. That bassline. Listen to the ending of this track and see what I mean. Hodge Podge is another wack rapper. Lacks is very talented and his verse is great. 4/5

    11. Give It Up Weak lyrics. Great beat. Could have been a lot better 3.5/5

    12. Rico Suave Bossa Nova I think some of you are familiar with this one, if you don't step your Brazillian music game up. This is Dilla's take on the original. I love samba/latin (bossanova/boogaloo) tracks. 5/5

    13. Featuring Phat Kat (Feat. Phat Kat) When this bassline meets the sample, that's the ultimate feeling when I listen to good music. I'm not always a fan of Phat Kat, but he wrecks this one. Q-Tip later flipped this beat on Renaissance 'Move'. 5/5

    14. Shake It Down I enjoy Dilla rapping on this one. Not lyrical, not at all, but very enjoyable. Hear the vocals filtered on the background throughout the whole track and at the end we finally get to hear the whole thing. My favorite W2D track. 5/5

    15. African Rhythms African knowledge over African music. I'm glad there's no rapping on this one. 5/5

    16. One I perfectly remember the first time I heard this track. Shouts and the beat goes on. The loop is very addictive. Then it fades away and I was damn, only to find out that a second later the beat starts again cause he forgot to give a shoutout to PBW and his brother Earl. 5/5

    My opinion is that the best experience is listening to the instrumental version of this album. In my opinion it's one of the best produced hiphop albums of all time. I would give the instrumental a perfect score, but most of the rapping on here just makes it worse. This album you just have to listen with good headphones to get all the sounds. I'm still hearing new things now and then. This album has so much little details in the music. Like I said full of background sounds, you're not hearing the same sounds left on your right speaker etc. Also definitely check out the samples to see how he flipped it, cause it will amaze you.

    I think I rank albums differently than most. I give each individual track a score, but overall the albums feels like a 4/5 to me.
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