Get a Sheepish Beast Face
(Repeat 6x)

Run thru the gauntlet time stamp pro-am
Press up flows dusted domes dusting out chrome busting bones/
Silver bullets for my werewolves and vampires
Come with the ire Iíll make ya retire/
Wired flames named Frankenstein master lines drip drops of iodine
Back up rhymes on hard drives the government canít spy and find/
Prime scheme dream fiend for the raw hip hop
Shape make break fade fakes into the background/
Macro pack thru capsules, internet id patches
Wear eím on your slacks and get off your asses/
Classless Iím roaming thru cities like Godzilla thru Mount Fuji
Emcees try and move me off the throne, I cover it with their bones/
Crash course fast force leaves you like Darth Vader with close shaving
Iím stainless steel stone cold fielding marshmallow emcees
Watch them warp like wood and burn them in my furnace/
You ainít rhyming, your just pharmaceutical manufacturing rhymes and lines
Thinking if you use channels like BET to probe
And castrate the heads who tune in/
Get glued and stapled to your own DAT machine
Gimme beats, I read cha mind like an old school soul sample/
Trained martial arts watch how I kick you
Like fifty-two card pickup game of kung fu/
Baby blues maybe you lose when you donít fuse styles in isle, wild in the wilderness, Iíll show you who BíWanna Beast is/
Fuck what a metamorphosis is; this is how I court a griffin
Chimera rhyme hysteria jackal pack of penguins get slaughtered
Author morphers for the like Zordon and Tommy the Green Ranger/
Leave you lost like calendar, come at cha warriors with the like Alexander
Salamander driven skip the rhythm, and hit eím where they hurt
What verbs did cha use, when I dissemble more bars like the preamble/