Under grass Iím underground bust a flow
Rip it so low your mind goes ďoh noĒ itís the S-H-double E-P
Get cha mind out the gutter like suckers who leaves the hood/
Still think youíre a Shug, we got swords thatíll chop flows like samples
Hang your rhymes over the ledge like Vanilla Ice if you think your too nice/
Fuck a food, my beef is fully cooked, leave on the floor like raw meat
Make eím pay the piper, wipe them off the face of this track like rain drops/
Sew buttons, made bands without walking for cheese cake
Fabled fakes get baked in oven with skills more hotter than hell/
Try and speak and spell your online skills ainít even on text
I wreck you like the Dodgers vs. The Mets/
Get off the bench; throw a wrench into your plans
Son get scammed like another infomercial man/
Beat minds, your fake as big bank hank, shank sugar ray those heads
You ainít lemonade mascaraed faster blade get shafted
Now your just asinine trying to cry freeman/
Retain, what cha refrain soul patrol, been a controller
Emcees trying duel wield like a samurai, get cha head chopped by kunai/
Studied my style in temples I be going wild
Whatís the foul smell, your brain just broke think you need
ďHooked on phonicsĒ your brain it isnít bionic/
Break you down, like nucleonic acid mixed with bubonic
Masterful style melted down like plastic/
Acid rhymes be classic minds get off your spine
Iíll wheel-chair bound cha bars and leave your vocals
Cut with shanks leaving nothing but scars/
Max out cha capacity thinking itís ďcontrolledĒ
What a bold statement I can make it past cha bacon
Your nothing but a whiz kid with no skills that pays no bills kid/
You ainít in control you just a lul with no gaul to brawl
Bring it on the mike and get take out with just one strike/
Too bad Kendrick ainít lyrical, too miserable let them bitches kill ya vibe
He's just bitch with voice he ain't even killing that noise/