I listened to a old interview with Chuck D of Public Enemy on Youtube last week talking about ignorant black men had a problem with 2Pac's character in Poetic Justice because he was a mailman. He said they thought the character was corny and wasn't real. He said they loved 2Pac in Juice and Above The Rim because he was being ignorant and a thug hahahahahahahahahahaha. He said ignorant black men didn't like him in Poetic Justice because he showed that he could play a different character and not always be playing a thug or drug dealer. I didn't have a problem with his character because i thought it was nice that he played a positive character. I was surprised to see him driving a mail truck because i thought he wouldn't know how to drive a stick shift LOL. I bought Poetic Justice from Walmart last week and i watched it because i hadn't seen it in a long time.

I love the classic scene when him and Janet Jackson are arguing hahahahahahahahahaha. She said don't be calling me no bitch because i'm a black woman and I deserve respect. She said if i'm a bitch, your momma's a bitch. He said save that black woman shit because you bleed once a month like the rest of the hoes hahahahahahahahaha. And we ain't talking about my momma. I'm talking about your stuck up ass LOL. Scandalous ass bitch LOL. Think a nigga supposed to do some magic tricks for your ass LOL. Where you finna go? She said pull it over cause i'll walk muthafucka. He said fine then. Get your shit bitch LOL. Walking will do them fat ass thighs some good LOL. She said I better not see your ass in LA ok because i'm a get somebody to fuck you up. He said fuck you bitch, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you bitch hahahahahahahaha.

I also like the scene when they went to a cookout at the park for some blacks that they weren't invited to LOL. 2Pac said we black and that means we family hahahahahahahaha. 2Pac just wanted to get some free food hahahahaha. He had 2 plates of food LOL. He said to the black guy that was in charge of the family reunion, i'm Lucky. Remember little Lucky? LOL. 2Pac said to the guy, you don't mind if i take this food for the road? LOL. I thought it was nice that when 2Pac and Janet finally got to know each other, they started liking each other and they became a couple. I like the ending when he went to see her at her beauty salon job and she said come here baby i wanna whisper something to you. He said get the fuck outta here LOL. He leaned over and kissed her. Do ya'll know that 2Pac said before the movie started filming that Janet wanted him to take a Aids test? LOL. He said he wasn't gonna do that. He also said that Janet had gave him her phone number and then he said later on she changed the number LOL. He said he thought she was gonna be his friend.