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Thread: Go for a jog? Get shot in the back. Defend your country? Get beat to death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EAGLE EYE View Post
    You would be the type to let Nazi or Japanese troops storm into town and either murder you or place you into a prison camp.

    You act as if this man had a choice to opt out. Please pull your head out of your ass and spare us whatever abstract, progressive train of thought you are hoping to enlighten us with.

    If the 3rd Reich invaded North America, your grandparents would've been tossed into the gas chambers or burned in a pile of bodies for being black.
    Yet, he's still unset about the Trayvon Martin case, which it's sad itself.

    It seems the when minority kills someone of another race, he/she gets a pass due to their history of racial segregation or injustice. However, the tables are completely turned if a white person even smacks a minority across the face. The nation comes to a complete standstill.

    Revenge for a bad history?
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    Quote Originally Posted by EAGLE EYE View Post
    That's a hermit crab
    Bwahahahahahaah yeah thats the hermit crab position.

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