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Thread: RZA's Digital Warfare-Snippet

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    Default RZA's Digital Warfare-Snippet

    So here it is. After all these years I finally found the video that contains the snippet for Digital Warfare. A song cut from As Bobby Digital in Stereo. Dude on youtube had a link to a RZA as Bobby Digital interview from '98. I took the snippet from the youtube clip. Wish it had more of the song but this was it.


    Anyone have the full version. I seriously doubt it, as it was never put out to my knowledge. Stranger things have happened.
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    Digi Warfare was on No Said Date.

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    Did you even read the post? Yes, there was a song on No Said Date called Digital Warfare. Not the same song as the one I posted.
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    Not heard this b4

    When I'm writing in my room

    It's like a child that's fighting in the womb

    - KP -

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    Anyone out there have more info on this track?

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