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Thread: Tragedy Khadafi - Thug Matrix #3

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    Default Tragedy Khadafi - Thug Matrix #3

    1 "Narcotic Lines"
    2 "Ill-Luminous Flow"
    3 "Black Prince"
    4 "Free Thinkers"
    5 "Each One, Teach One"
    6 "Gorilla Warefare Status"
    7 "The Wake Up"
    8 "Still Breathin'"
    9 "Outstanding"
    10 "Best Of Both Coast"

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    Been enjoying this album a lot lately. Never listened to it when it came out due to the reception Khadafi's later albums get, but this is actually pretty good.

    If you like Trag it's worth checking out. He's rapping about the same old shit really, which is fine with me. ~7/10.

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    I like him but his beats are terrible. I've heard a couple of his albums and i didn't like them. I used to have his Saga Of A Hoodlum album that has the classic song Grand Groove. I like Patrice Rushen's You Remind Me sample he used on Grand Groove. Shoot Em Up song for Posse soundtrack i like which is also on Saga Of A Hoodlum. I like his lyrics on Capone and Noreaga's T.O.N.Y. song.

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    I also like the food U-God talked about. He said he can cook spaghetti and fried chicken and i would like to taste it to see if he's a good cook. I like spaghetti and fried chicken.

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    Not his best work, coming from a huge fan.

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