Speak on topic, hit cha with logic
Drop it like a magic hat… number 9/
Wonder where mine is
Busting bars dusted out scars
Scuffing ya boots wipe ya feet
Off on the rug before ….
I scratch you like a DJ scratches the record/
Recruit debunk defrag
Relook on your lag/
Mastering skills that pays the bills
Spitting out how many bars you want
Just don’t bare your neck to a wolf/
Screen scraps taps out plan out
Deep doubt cha own clout
Dope beats make readers freak/
Shield cha self I’m about go volcanic
My shell is about to crack, if I was you I’d step back/
Relax, before I relapse rewrap up the track
And body bag the beat leave your bars six-feet deep/
Under through thunder wonder why I’m the lord of chaos
Come at cha, display odds read cha cards/
Mind control your tracks
After I pro tool you like tax/
Been back in the mix, can’t trip my vocab
I stab the pad call me a murderer/
I stab the keyboard like beat box
Redux, come off your detox inside cha own lock box
I’m skillfully talented while you’re a post-op freakazoid/
Come back in the booth trying to display the truth
When you’re just a snitch who doesn’t play the pitch/
You just toss a ball, hope you get the walk
While the umpire calls it strike three, you’re out/

(Repeat 5x)