Itís a beautiful flow; the struggle is going to always continue
Deadly Enders zone, where the revolution starts like mustard is thrown/
Had my agents in orange asking where you from
Where crops get dusted, or where the Orange crush it/
We bust it looks like our mayor think we need to mimic NYC
Iíve been in the GYM at the YMCA emcees ask are youÖ./
Nah homes my goat face be Daniel Bryan, Bryan Danielson
Respect the beard, respect the chaos, respect how I display odds/
Respect the struggle continues in any venue even if you arenít on the menu
See how pen skews been view dead beats like boom sticks/
Get cha copies trying to stop me, option out a roll give me a SIX
Judge, jury and executioner spit through minutia come at confusa/
Been in the burial grounds where the merry doesnít go around
Been broke, been poor, been cold, been raw, been there before/
Asking me why I am down for a cause when I never press rewind
Or hit pause why donít cha DVR your life while I VCR fast forward my stripes/