He gives strength to the feeble and heat to the cold
There is no length of evil that will defeat my soul
He's a rose in the sand, a guiding star in the night
When my foes are at hand, they go hiding far from the fight
Where there's danger and wrath, He's an angel on my path
Where there's grief and crisis, that's where Jesus Christ is
Many men will fail you; but, God will stay true
So don't let hatred derail you, for faith will prevail and renew
They made Him walk the road of sorrow
Animated generosity generated animosity among the leaders of the day
Who then can be promised tomorrow?
Yet, we have eternity if we follow His life, His truth, and His way
I've got the prettiest Brazilian of the millennium chillin' in our little condominium
She oughtta be in cinema; she resembles Halle and her natural smell is vanilla and cinnamon
She keeps the simple principles and hidden wisdom of Christendom in her spirit's curriculum
It's a thrill and privilege to witness her. . . She's magnificent:
A living and intimate poem for which there's no equivalent or synonym
Jesus was a vision of divinity even as an infant
he who believes acheives an affinity for His scripture and receives eternity in an instant
see, Heaven is within; it isn't distant
He forgives sin and we consistently win when the Prince of Peace leaves His imprint
I'm living strengthened by the greatest story ever told
My enrichment comes from standing on the Rock that never rolls
I gave up my life, for Him, to get back more than sevenfold
and one sweet day I'll be rewarded with fat stacks of Heaven's gold
Christ leads me. And all the while Satan tries his turn
But I've been saved sure as the Cushite freed Jeremiah from Malchiah's cistern
See, I believe no amount of lies and deceit can silence my praise
so long as I keep counting on the mighty Savior's high guidance to pave my ways
I'm a good Samaritan. A seminarian and theologian
I will flatten Satan like Refrigerator Perry tacklin' Steve Grogan
Me against his sorry butt is like a '93 MJ vs. a '13 Keith Bogans
The Lord is my Shepherd. Because He lives I can face tomorrow.
Wherever I go, I'm guided by these two sacred and sweet slogans
God is the great Potter
and I am His clay
He shapes me with a living water
so that my cup may runneth over each day
The devil fought me and lost
for God sought me at great cost
See, Jesus bought me on the cross
His Spirit taught me and my soul was washed.
I know it's not for naught that He thought of me
He wrought in me breath, fight, and strength
and faith has brought me to where I ought to be
along my walk's breadth, height, and length.
I'll write 'til I'm satisfied
perhaps 'til the end
When my marginalia become ubiquitous,
infusing the minutia of the universe,
then might I acquiesce and rest my pen