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Thread: Effects of a hangover

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    Default Effects of a hangover

    Daniel Clavin of Ireland has quite a story to tell about his life since one drunken stag and doe party about 14 months ago. But you might find his speaking style somewhat — hic — fitful.

    Clavin has had hiccups for more than a year, ever since he woke up, hungover, the day after a party, according to the Mirror. By the publication's estimate, he hiccups about once every seven seconds, or about 5.25 million times since he's begun.

    Hiccups might have a certain cartoonish humour, but Clavin told the Mirror his condition was dreadful.

    "There are times when I can’t breathe for 30 seconds because they lock up my diaphragm," he told the Mirror.

    “Nights are bad and sometimes I wake up and the whole bed is shaking."

    He said he's tried testing, dietary changes and a chiropractor, the last of which helped temporarily, but now he's waiting for the results of an MRI scan, according to the story.

    He isn't the longest sufferer of hiccups ever to gasp for breath; that honour belongs to Charles Osborne, a resident of Anthon, Iowa who began hiccuping in 1922 and didn't stop for 68 years, until 1990, according to the BBC.

    Osborne holds the Guinness World Record for the longest hiccup attack, and the trigger that set him off was trying to life a heavy hog before slaughtering it, the BBC reported.

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