Fecal mattered, excrement spattered colossal cadavers
Latter-day stiffs pancake battered into baking powder
Diapered modern-day journeymen turned club fighters
These cats are kittens existing due to demise of tigers
Should’ve hone skills while Tyson bit ears in holy fields
Mobs of Steve Stevens’ frauds‏ with flawed firing squads
Tony Galento Two Ton Harry Crumbs murdering bums
201+ used to be fillet mignon now its skeet pigeon meat
Heaps of weak warriors weep previous to Great Retreats
Refined civilization has regressed like receding hairlines
Dionne Warwick’s psychics predicted an anemic future
No Michael Vick vicious pit-bulls to breed and nurture
No hostile fistic styles of George Foreman and Ron Lyle
Cloud nine classic slugfests happened in ancient times
Maximus slaves craved to engrave a rival’s brain waves
Gladiators in killing fields unafraid to go out on shields
Not these combatants, they relent in a time of torment
Premature allures mutate to high-profile fiasco failures
Submarined Massengil coochies get Monistat creamed
Unprotected yeast infected vaginal walls get dissected
Ace pugilists as weightless as NASA shuttles in space
Heavyweights have reached new low like Arctic sea ice
They were once worth RMS Titanic white market price
Now they wouldn’t make it on liner as a flotation device
Horrified to roll dice and getting crapped by snake eyes
War of attrition with empty souls and zilch of conviction
Diabetic comatose, existing on blood thinner medication
Chronic malnutrition has emaciated this gaunt division
On breadline destitute with poverty-stricken resolutions
Famished dollar signs were seen devouring penury lines
Inert deep freeze big men as fragile as Greg Oden knees
Skid row John Does are flawed like the Census Bureau
Serene cavaliers in tactical headgear have combat fears
Oliver McCall meltdowns abound in the hunting ground
Emotionally delicate and inadequately tension tolerant
Scud ballistic agents with defective missile components
Tim Tebow awful and doomed like wildcat experiments
Frail Sam Bowie space eaters don’t leave blazing trails
Cosby sweatered bigs with finesse of European centers
As destructive as fluffy clouds scattered in fair weather
Counterfeit contenders, Chris Rock in CB4 pretenders
Holy cross-dressers turned pre-operative transgenders
Boxers as one-dimensional as one-legged soccer players
Anti-brawlers hooking less than hideous street-walkers
Grim Reaper killed all Soto Karass rugged gatekeepers
Rampant waters diluted to Ryan Davis cannon fodders
Dead ringers of H2O gunslingers with nontoxic stingers
Power blasts muffled like baked burners with silencers
Shot former equals throw James Blunt sharp counters
Dull leather beaks wouldn’t shred frosted mini-wheats
Illusory variation punches flung in deceptive bunches
Incision precision miserable due to Billy Conn vision
Dreary pin-point accuracy of rugby bloody Hail Marys
Sharks in deep water with no fins and razor-thin wins
Impaired raging bull animal instincts of Koala bears
Fighters with nile crocodile smiles but arms of gators
Ring dictators tailor-made into Don Cheadle Traitors
Square-circle well-mannered like anti-bullying rallies
Tackling dummies eradicated Abu Ghraib brutalities
Zombies with lobotomies reveal buffoonery weaponry
Gazella granti Kenyan Serengeti serendipity savagery
Bold foes scared to put wood to grills like Sonny Bono
Petrified of toe-to-toe because one blow can cause KO
Clay chins easily rocked like Len Bias’ death did NBA
Glass jaws shattered and eyeballs glazed with tear gas
Atlantis swallowed soon as carcasses crash to canvas
Masses in clinches, bypassing Bronson death wishes
Outages and Nasdaq glitches halt trading of punches
Ex-HBO headliners now wader thru title eliminators
Titanic size physiques but like icebergs too easy to hit
Bubba Paris behemoths gutless like chicken in broth
Heavy-handed with velocity of brown-throated sloths
Molasses slow and as flammable as anal canal gases
Distribution of sluggish slugs slower than evolution
Aloof attitudes on opposite ends like fallopian tubes
Cataleptic demeanors offer half-hearted encounters
Gas paint sprayers powered by conservation of mass
Craven cowards in docile battles with wet gunpowder
Hannibal Lecter lambs steered to sergeant slaughter
Inane powdered-puffed without the crematory flames
Heavies as daunting as Billy Barty in a Skeletor uni
Tasteless violence, nothing sweet about this science
David Haye is not a ruthless cyborg like Darth Vader
Haymakers wouldn’t star wars if they’re light-sabers
Black James Bond? He’s lighter than Donny LaLonde
Strain of corn row weaves has asphyxiated the brain
Gruesome decapitations subsist in his hallucinations
Pre-fight hype circus clown is all bark with slight bite
Slick talking Brit relying on crazy antics to sell tickets
Tyson fury was last observed in 1996 vs Frank Bruno
This 6’9 Sideshow Bob big-mouth is a Heidi Fleiss hoe
WNBA reject with dirty tactics and chin that’s suspect
Spike heeled with punch resistance of Bob Satterfield
Pops must’ve been hitting pipe naming him after Mike
Tyson was bison, ravenous coyote looting chicken pens
Volcano granite fists made him Baddest Man on Planet
David Price is another tall corpse carrying dead weight
Dick Vitale cupcake with defensive leaks of Watergate
He’s been exposed like Richard after the Nixon Tapes
KO by one as soft as Tony Tiger soggy Frosted Flakes
Overhyped with chin that won’t work like labor strikes
Tall figure turns small soon as the Liverpool Wall falls
Skyscraper built but smeared like shit on toilet paper
Vapor altered after top was perforated like salt shaker
Brit chaps damage like Wee-Man with a Trojan pack
Biggest question about Clit bros is who’s less boring?
Coked-out judges are seen snoring instead of scoring
Ukraine’s finest puts all to sleep faster than procaine
General anesthesia is least potent than kith and kin
Philistine Goliath dimensions but nuts of early teens
Safety pins, disinclined to throw caution to the wind
Reluctant to take risks due to emphatic clinch tactics
Icy robotic, waiting to get hack like Johnny Mnemonic
Europe’s gallant batting order suffers erectile disorder
Mix Cialis, Viagra and Levitra to help you come harder
Seth Mitchell wouldn’t instill fear with the black death
The only thing epidemic plagued is that enervated jaw
Tap flawed mandible and he’s eating lunch thru straw
Former gridiron star but American heavyweight savior?
Maybe in pads, helmet and if he was allowed to tackle
Tried sticking up John-a-ton Banks and got trampled
Wouldn’t be big dog if he stole a pit-bull from Bramble
Chris Arreola embarks with only brute force and heart
Nightmare began when he and buffets started an affair
Made boxing spouse, couldn’t keep food out his mouth
Faced with impending divorce and spare tires to waist
Milk-secreting glandular organs attached to the chest
Only belt he’ll ever obtain will be from eating contests
Tony Thompson could not fold over manila file folders
He’s older than Egypt’s brick and plaster taskmasters
As teenager he was spectator at Hindenburg disaster
Only thing he will be knocking is senior citizen boots
No need for rubber, limp semen troops will not salute
His fibbing lips claim he brings pain and cracks hips
He wouldn’t do either with Dirk Diggler prosthetic dick
Sex tapes with Verne Troyer? Yanks come up shorter