I get it, still why we self-hating and rather that
Why aren't we uplifting and debating
And making more scholars
And upstanding cats rather than have jail cells packed
We need to show them how to acts rather
Than just how to put on a show and act,
Why don't we care?
Why don't we teach instead of just preaching to the choir?
Why don't we rebuild and show unity
Rather than force and impunity, why...
Asking why we ainít prospering
Why we deciding other future
Why we can live without pain
Why every time you turn around another bill comes in the mail
And why we canít talk without hate
Why we vote people in office we know got obvious obstructionist agendaís
Why we ainít talking about how we feel
Why we donít think before we act
Why weíre so critical about the trivial
Why people nowadays drop opinions without being full informed
If nothing infuriates me more it's opinionated fact-less people,
Why if I don't know something Okays, but don't spout opinions based on others opinion without informing yourself, is just fact less
Get cha act together, and chat together
Go to your television access or why donít cha watch PBS

With all that Iíve been given
Is that the pain that Iíve been giving?
Is that what cha call livingÖÖ..
Why, just tell me why
They got me owing doe to corporate pros
Why you got me like that
I was just trying to get educated
And get a career out of itÖ
Why, just tell me whyÖ