You can remove “young” from your name
But cha game is going to be just another thing
For a million motherfuckers to latch onto/
Get cha mind outta the null void and
Get back into where things start to matter/
Remember the bills that needed to be paid,
Remember the heights you wanted to reach/
Remember the things you wanted to accomplish
Remember the stage you were supposed to varnish/
Now your just a bad guy, you joined the dark side
You can James Earl Jones, the vocal chamber like Darth Vader
Speak your thoughts in a unequivocally fashion like Harry Belafonte/
Or you can announce your resignation to the very admiration
Asking for discretion when there just manipulating the power structure/
You always in danger by rangers seen though the granger
Slang hangers been eye-poking out more rims
Than double d sized tits on the streets,
Proceeding to ask where my beats at? /
Been in the manger had no manager to stand me still
And watch me go in for the kill, not even a Sniper Wolf can stop me
I was built toss passes to my receiver’s like Warren Moon/
Had restructure my contacts, I mean my contracts like pacts and conventions
Come back and bomb back like those ugly ass Mitchell & Ness Throwbacks/
Clone cats get splice down to their RNA and DNA combination
Integrating faced wasted tasted out blood weathering the storm/
When you ain’t in the right when you try and write
Thinking your brighter than the IQ’s that
Brought you technology in the palm of your hand,
Get off your stub hub and your Facebook page
And realize the world we live in now/
Hit them targets whether I was on the field
Or in the saloon, spitting bullets at the opposing platoon
Watch everything balloon and mushroom like you just touched the tomb
That’s my message in a bottle asking
How I came back from the young era of hip hop/