I guess I just wanted to start a new thread, but I wanted to talk a little bit about objectifying women and "treating them like pieces of meat".

I used to be really respectful of women. Like overly and unnecessarily so. I made an effort to not "treat them like objects". I guess you could say I was a pretty big faggot. Not in the literal sense. Anybody who knows me on here will surely have noticed that these days the majority of my posts are pictures and gifs of tits and arse. So I guess I've come a long way.

And I used to like my females to be really "respectable" and conservative. Yeah I really was quite a faggot. These days there's nothing I love more than hot sluts who walk around in public in skimpy slut wear that shows off their shit. I used to hate those girls. I realise now that that was just because I was subconsciously intimidated by their open sexuality and didn't have the confidence or experience to handle them. I mean I've been a porn addict since I was a kid. Of course I realistically love sluts. These days I use the word "slut" with the most complimentary and appreciative intentions.

But yeah, I find it really annoying how fat and ugly girls complain about males objectifying women and all the rest of it. Calling us sexist and shit. There is nothing on Earth that I appreciate more than the female body. How the fuck does that make me sexist? Women are my favourite thing on the planet. Yeah, how fucking sexist am I? I mean just because my favourite thing about women is their physical appearance it doesn't mean I don't or can't like women as a whole too. I do. I love girls. I love talking to them, hanging out with them...whatever. Even ugly ones if they're cool.

It's funny because I'm like the extreme sort of blatant "pervert" that these cunts most cry about. I'm a porn addict. I have posters of girls all over my apartment. I stare at hot girls in public, blatantly for extended periods of time, focusing almost entirely on their tits and arse in the majority of cases. I post pictures of tits and arse all over a hip hop forum in threads that have nothing to do with girls, with no regard for whether or not it offends anybody. I give hot girls preferential treatment...I could go on.

But I still treat females better than, and with more respect than the vast majority of males. Or females for that matter. Regardless of appearance I treat them respectfully, and not because I feel it's my duty to, but because I really dig them and naturally wanna do the right thing by them. Of course if they're cunts them I treat them like a cunt. The same goes for males. But I always treat them well unless they give me reason not to.

Anyway, what the fuck was the point of this self indulgent shit? Just procrastinating now that I'm finally just about done unpacking my apartment, I guess. May as well post it now.

The point is though, the end result of what I'm saying, is that these girls who whinge about being "objectified" and all the rest of that fucking shit, always have some sort of personal problems that motivates their ridiculous behaviour. Lack of confidence. Ugliness. Jealousy. Bitterness. Fatness. I used to be a faggot so as to avoid offending these types. Now I'm just like I don't give a fuck. There is absolutely no reason for any female to get upset about guys openly appreciating the female body. It's an incredibly beautiful thing. I'm not sexist because I spend hours ogling women's bodies. I think it'd be more sexist to pretend that the female body wasn't awesome and worthy of hours of ogling.

These cunts who whinge about shit like that just need to show some fucking strength. Don't be such a weak, jealous, bitter cunt, and accept that you're ugly and guys are gonna appreciate better looking girls more than you. It's a tough ol' world out there. Stop using your own weakness to fuel and create issues with perfectly healthy and respectful people. And don't get upset at hot females who show off their shit, you jealous cunts. You know you'd be doing the same if you weren't fat.

This post surely must go down as the most worthless bunch of self indulgent babble fucking shit in the history of the internet. I challenge anybody to prove otherwise.