I just saw this today on Youtube. I didn't know 50 Cent did this. I know he has a album called Before I Self Destruct. I never saw this in the video store. So i was lucky to catch it on Youtube. Anyway the movie is about 50 Cent is a basketball player who didn't make it to the NBA and he gets a job working at a supermarket but he ends up getting fired for stealing. His mom gets killed and he has to figure out a way to make money because he has a little brother to take care of. His little brother is a genius who gets good grades and he has several colleges that want him and he's only 13. So 50 Cent becomes a killer to make money and he works for Clifton Powell who was Pinky in the last 2 Friday movies with Ice Cube and he was in Menace II Society and Dead Presidents. I wanna know who's that hot woman that 50 Cent was fucking because i never saw her. Anybody else see this? I thought it was alright. 50 Cent looks different with braids LOL.