Break your fucking neck, arm, leg, arm, head
Emcees better do me a mike check like she said/
I can bick check your dipsticks you ainít no nutjob
Ask your mom did she have you checked??? /
The pyroclastic psychopathic Mr. Mike Psycho is back
I donít need a padded room I just set chargers like the San Diego Chargers
And barrage you leaving you tattooed with black and yellow/
This ainít I how steal the show, you can stale a flow
Your manual raps are just books read on a map/
Mine arenít a stagecoach there deadly approaches
Done up the beats with massive dosages a doctor couldnít prognosis/
get off your headsets you ainít no head coach/
Youíre rappers are roaches get out the hole
Fuck a beat, fuck a written this off the dome
Once freestyle, twice ripped down to dog shit
Fuck a flow this is how I fucking roll cuz THE SHEEP THE RIPPER SAID SO!!!!!/
I can mold a bar, and watch cha bend that in more ways
Than bending bender Rodriguez could smoke cigars and run trains/
I dump brains on ringers thinking they Whitney Houston type singers
You crack addict rapidly rap magic out cha Asiatic Dumbo looking craptastic
Weaken legionnaire with not time ring to spare/
Go ahead my bars can bear trap what cha canít map
Iím in detectable, undeniable and mostly agro rapper
You ever seen play an MMO yo!!!!/
Emcees better not gimme a reason
To stun and rip it raw more than cowboy go YEEHAW!!!/
Flip your mind and off like a light switch
Hit cha pitch your shit is stiches to any Scooby snacks
Whenever I snap I come back like a rattlesnake and bit cha in the ass/
Iíve been flabbergast master blaster acrobatically
Check your mind like microscope to microprobe/

Fuck a flow this is how I fucking roll cuz THE SHEEP THE RIPPER SAID SO!!!!