Fuck a white flag
Only thing I'm waving is ur rotted head on a stick in front of your weeping mother.
My nigga and I put up a fight like two lovers
like two brothers
forced to share the wealth off of that one quarter.
The blankets are pissed on when u live in the gutter.
Formulating a plan to step it up to the butter.
If the fat bitches are present
I suckle the liquids direct from the utter.
If I lift up my blubber
I'm exposing my dick at old bitches tellem gimme a Gummer.
If my lyrics are dumb down that's because the audience dumber.
I live in the Attic
my light bill is high as a rocket
I left the AC run all thru the summer.
The struggle is real that's how I feel
forced to sit at the table and bag up the crills
I still don't need no corporate deal to handle my meal,
I make move on the streets enough to handle the bill...