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Thread: SKAMPOE & whers ~ Blood Disperse

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    Default SKAMPOE & whers ~ Blood Disperse


    I'm willing, shed the blood of all those
    who think they can just walk in my home
    slap me on my face and kick me off the throne,
    genocidal tactics like we battle in Rome
    back before they infiltrated the domes
    of the tribes that reside where I'm from,
    I'm eating these rappers alive and regurgitate the bone,
    my styles is fat, now that my body weights over a ton,
    I'm crushing the earth when i walk,
    they carving the street with a chalk,
    cuz i Killem like rats
    with the talons jammed deep in his back like a hawk,
    Skampoe, and I have never given a fuck
    Sept i rape n i pillage,
    till my dick becomes engulfed with the festering dripage....


    Once It's Finished I'll Have The Most Sinister Weep Forgiveness
    Listeners Of Wickedness Seek Sleep In The Vibrance Of Silence
    Old Soul Survivors Of The Black Hole Climates Reach Retirement
    Try To Comprehend When My Feather Pen Descends Which Then
    Unleashes The Secret Sequence Of My Ink Secreation's Speeches
    That Suck The Very Life Out Of Paper With The Thirst Of Leeches
    Slayer Sith The First Darth To Show What The Dark Side Teaches
    Shark Eye In Mist With A Lust For Power & A Love For Weakness
    My Cloak Alone Slicing Throats While I'm At Home Lightin' Blunts
    Fire Soak Bones Igniting Hopes Timing Exact Flown Flying Stunts
    Survive The Hunt But....Hopeless Opponents Start To Focus Once
    They Notice whers Move Motionless And Then I Start To Address
    The Complex Sonnets Of Death & With The Depth Of Loch Ness
    My Blessed Breath Confess The Endlessness Stretched The Best
    And Just When You Think I'm Finished I Begin To Start Unrolling
    Woven Poems Damien Amazing Men Like I'm The Omen Flowing
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