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Thread: -- Kung Fu Hustle 2 --

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    Default -- Kung Fu Hustle 2 --

    some info and proof of the hustle 2......

    -- Kung Fu Hustle 2 --

    Photo: Sina

    Eva Huang Sheng Yi, currently filming 《功夫状元》 Kungfu Scholar TV series that is produced by Stephen Chow and is wrapping up by end of the month, says that while the script for Kung Fu Hustle 2 《功夫2》 is not done, her role has been confirmed. She will play a rough and wild girl with martial arts ability, a big contrast to her role as the gentle, mute girl in the original. She will have plenty of lines in the sequel, coupled with fight scenes. She says that production might begin in October and adds that she will also be in 《功夫少女》 Kungfu Girl (tentative), another film being planned by Stephen Chow. Ninghai News

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    Default Re: -- Kung Fu Hustle 2 --

    Thanks for the info

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