Break ya mind open like can of worms and snake venom
Deadly when I release eím, peep eím like coffee beans/
Chieftain what cha chopping up son
Sampling amplified by fields thatís never narrow/
Had to hit cha with them upper cuts stunting and
Fronts like a pharaoh just because you got a kings ransom
Busting flows like Douglas straight to the kisser/
Musket dusting now we ainít rusting
We touching our own sunlight moon light/
Iron rites seen through peers and hoes
My flows knows no bounds, leap over crowns
Clutching more fist than fist of fury
now we can bury you causally/
whatís in a name this is how we spit game
shit frame spit flames on lames leaving them prepped and ready for surgery
Dr. Sheep Lord ready to operate now/