Posted up on in a robe, a kings throne
Dumb dome shown clones own loans/
Dope soap troupe trooping quotes in lanes
They cannot even gain the pole position in/
Brain dead by the machine gun funk,
I stay drunk off tonic, remain bionic/
Open soap box loco drop optics
Toxic avenging my troma troopers
Paratrooper bloopers of the Vietnam era cats
Terrorize rap with Agent Orange gats
Making you insane from the chemicals in yo brain/
Throw backs own clocks rack up them D’s and E’s
Knee deep triple X my threes are views you can only skeet on/
Speak on topical tropical leave you locked in a room for a month
Watch the baseline drop a pine box iron ox mind gets rocked
By the pornography making mailbox look like a new type of photography/
My math is numerically incurable like a toxin your burn notices
You couldn’t cure with insect repellant and foot itch cream/
Get off the beamer my schemes be dreams
Open portal escort lording over plazas without plasma/
Get cha magnum opus you wouldn’t even notice
I am more focus than the all Seeing Eye dividing by PIE
Plowed plausible actual flames get actually demonized
By skies tuning out forks been sparking since it was elementary my dear Watson/
I’m approximating how your rating case files with malicious intent
Been bent off the rack like sales done made us go outta business/
Get the skip this fix this whip this like the slides you cannot rhyme
So you proceed to call you self “Mr. Freeze”
is that some new disease or something?/

Welcome to my world…It's Chaos
Checking out the 4 corners of my borough
Haven’t been check thoroughly
We’re vicious, and malicious
Welcome to my world....It's Chaos