All I knew is peeps on the box
Drop clocks been props ops been doing it
Since I was hitting jump shots with them Shaq reebok pumps on/
Buster bonds decorate iron out cha lungs
Been speaking often now topics be diversified/
Never darting on these feats now we reaching
Seething now you just havening seen how Iím believing/
Maxing on beta severs cats nowadays
Donít even know what broadcast television is,
Get those kids a new encyclopedia mix,
Spit kick like those at the lyricist lounge/
Crashing grounds been ciphering since I was in high school
You cold crushing pound cake draking losers
Get schooled in styles that make you weak and stinking like a black and mild/
You ainít vile seen through battling eyes
Now I got lives, living dyes through modules/
Iím never been a hazard, I have a mean streak
Why you cannot be oblique and unique/
Seek thru cakes fakes get land ole lakes
Get laid like clothes think you should stick to smoking cloves/
My clones can dispose of those thinking you rocking robes
My red eyes be blunted sith eyes, get me those pies/
I am a human PC, never been a XBOX
Always been a SONY Vaio or PlayStation
If you want to MC I can leave looking like
A button on an MPC or at the trucker weigh station/
Driven laid when been swayed in braided been hated
Been faded been jaded been candid now Iím just vandalize/

Beats on these streets
Get them cheese cakes
You fakes are weak
I stay up in the Finger Lakes Region
Spit kicking keep pounding the pavement
While kicking dope lyrics up lifting higher spirits