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Thread: Insane Kayne West furious at Jimmy Kimmel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Simon Hurt View Post
    i usually avoid shitting on someone because of their extracurricular shenanigans, but his music's not even that good.

    this whole theory about him being a progressive innovator is a joke played on people with a lack of music taste and a shallow music collection. his material is superior to most mainstream music, specifically rap and hiphop, but that's like giving sosa credit for being the smartest kid on the short bus.

    his rhymes are simplistic, juvenile garbage for the most part, and when he tries to be profound, it tends to be cringe-inducing. and the guy wants to act pro-black and disgusted with the paparazzi, but he's with a talentless fame whore.. it's ridiculous.

    the guy is beefing with photographers and comedians; eminem even picked tougher targets to pick on.

    maybe listen to more music made before 2000 and more stuff than shitty rap and you wouldn't rave about what an "artiste" he is. sickening.

    massive assumptions in there.

    i feel people with good taste in music liked yeezus while most people with shitty or close minded tastes in music didn't like it. my personal opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EAGLE EYE View Post
    Dick groper strikes again

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