- Diana Taurasi kisses Seimone Augustus during WNBA playoff game

The pair go back nearly 20 years to their AAU days. But when Phoenix Mercury star Diana Taurasi kissed Minnesota Lynx player Seimone Augustus in the middle of a WNBA playoff game, it was still a little odd. Let's set the scene: with the Lynx running away with Game 1 of the Western Conference finals, Taurasi bumped Augustus in the fourth quarter. The 2011 WNBA Finals MVP stood her ground and that's when things got a little strange. Before the referee could separate the duo, Taurasi planted a quick peck on Augustus' right cheek. Each player was assessed a personal foul for the intimate moment as Minnesota went on to win 85-62. But the postgame comments were truly memorable. When questioned about the incident, Taurasi sarcastically said, "We were just trying to make sweet love." Augustus fired back, "The tango dance that we had, I always say she just wanted some of my deliciousness."