peace yall, big ups to whers for reachin out. been meaning to build with the gawd for some time now. we hittin you with writtens for now but the link below is the beat we was using for this piece. its one of my original joints made without any samples besides 2 dialog samples from the movie "The Fly."

check the joint ~ feeds from yall will be greatly appreciated ! 1111111

[VERSE 1 : whers]

Yo - It's The Beast Unleashed Over tekunique Beats
With Concrete Speech : I Am Delivering Your Defeat
The Fatal 5-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique....
Like Bill I Suggest You Don't Get Up From Your Seat
Deadly-Viper Silencer With Pai Mei Hidden Technique
Coffin Sleep....I've Been Meaning To Introduce You :
To Nightmares That'll Make You Scarred Of Dreaming
At Fist It'll Appear Appealing & Then The Fear Sets In
And You Realize It's Not That They're Hard Of Hearing
There Aware It's Just No One Cares You're Screaming
Now You In Duel With The Wrongly Ridiculed Sleeping
Drawing My Sword Alone Cause You To Start Bleeding
U Betcha' Dexter Will Be Extremely Busy This Evening!
Wake-Up Believing That You In That Godfather Scene
You Be Searching For Meaning Truly Disturbing Seeing-
Footprints On The Ceiling The Weapons I'm Concealing
Will Leave BFG's Dreams Missing My Obscene Precision
Leave Guns Hidden Saito With A Rifle I'd Start Wishing
My Pen's Begun Killing This Beat That Keeps Spinning :
Giving Alaskan Javelins That Are Travelling Faster Than
Clicked Rocket Launchers Sent To Slaughter Bagdhad....
I Am Walter In The Lab Cooking That Perfect Chemistry
Like White Reed Bishop & Disney Blazed Off Sticky-Icky

[VERSE 2 : tekunique]

Oh What The Fuck ? It's Unbelievable, Epic Faith No More
Rapid than Eye Movement during Inception Losing My Religion
Interceptin' ill thoughts with precision The Planet of The Great Mind's Risen
Fillin' clips in, shittin' on writtens soft as kittens useless like Jordan-less Pippen
Trigger more than happy to blast ya' hand off body lift off like hand-toss
Sent off squeeze & twisted darts like wet cloth from the Reservoir colorful as Flo-re-cent Dogs
Ya'll too shitty to fuck with my catalog too witty like Tarantino dialog
Beheaded like Boar's Head 'Scalp Dem' fucking carved out foreheads like pumpkins
Sinks teeths in Deacon Frosted Flake Off Head off soldiers Shoulder shruggin'
Blood gushin' injecting Shrinks with Kevourkian syringe pullin' strings and leggings
Takes off of Kate Moss-waist-soft check in Bate's Loft, step in chase ya'll with revin' Chainsaws !!!

[VERSE 3 : whers]

Hear The Roar Texas Massacre Rapports Attacking Your Jaw !
Rest Assured The Poor'll Enrich & Become One With The Floor
Head In The Clouds The Proud 8-Tailed Beast By The Seashore
Killa Bee Jinchuriki Swarm Metaphors Flip The Script Once More
Twice Less Than When The Section Opened The Temple Doors
Totem Torn - A Crown Of Thorns Mourn For Swordless Matadors
Vampires At Dawn Transpires That Your Fate Has Been Drawn:
Like Hungry Children Who Follow The Faun...Into The Labrynth
Forest God's That Were Once Sadists Have Become Masochists
Reborn Lazarus To Understand God's Wrath VS Human Sadness
What I Display On The Canvas Is Flawless Gymnastic Landings
The Madness Is Hatching A Has-Been With Potential Expanding
Ink-Assassin Light Yagami Write The Rest Of Ya Life Laughing-
No Sunlight Like A Giant In His Brothers Shadow....Eli Manning

[VERSE 4 : tekunique]

You fold like creases, stick you for ya CREAM-pies sweet as peaches-are yall Nieces
On they kneeses Fuck faces til' I'm shootin' pearl necklesses meltin' like Reeses
Then be Gone like The Assassin in 60 Seconds-no traces like The Saint,
Black Paint done dried up leave em' tied up like laces
Shoved down your throat is your braces, so just embrace it, the pessimistic optimist,
America's favorite Racist -Fucking Great as the Lakes-is One more off the Tek's-list
Blowin' minds on the low like Frequencies from the Bass-is
Check it, around the globe spread out like Legs-is by Nekkid Dimes, for the Funk of it
Get-biz with my Wiz & A-Alikes in Crime, Cut up & Rhyme on Rekkids' Explicit,
Relentless Pursuilt for Perfection like Lexus, Unfuckwitable is that Tek shit
Some of yall may not get this but get this, Always be on point like RZA joints & guestlists
And I promise you one day you'll decipher the difference on the reference
My guess is after some time passes you'll be like Oh Shit, that shit's sick and Reminisce it
Risk it or regret cuz you missed it Just Lose It like Em said but never the Lesson
Times up, thats it end of the session, flash forward in timely fashion with constant progression,
Protet ya fuckin' Necks kid.....